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2023 / 6 / 17

Iran Higher Education System

The educational system of Iran before the university includes a 12-year education period (six years at primary school and six years at high school)
The durations for education at B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. programs are 4, 2, and 4.5 years, respectively. Extending the education period is subject to the university’s approval.
Education in theoretical and engineering fields
Most Iranian universities provide educational opportunities in theoretical and humanities disciplines, basic sciences, and engineering at three bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels.
Education in medical and paramedical sciences
Use universities affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education for medical and paramedical educational programs using this link.
Education in technical and vocational courses
You can apply to the Technical and Vocational University for education in technical and vocational courses. Select the Technical and Vocational University from the universities list to choose these courses. The associate program at this university is a two-year course, the discontinuous bachelor’s program is a two-year course following the associate program, and the standard bachelor’s program is a four-year course.
Iran higher Education
three primary groups: state universities, Islamic Azad University, and non-profit universities. State universities offer superior research and educational resources compared to Islamic Azad University and non-profit universities. A list of some of Iran's top universities can be found by following this link.

Education in theoretical and technical engineering fields
In most Iranian universities, it is possible to study theoretical and humanities sciences, basic sciences, and technical engineering fields at all three levels of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees.
Education in medical and paramedical fields
To study in medical and paramedical fields, you should apply through universities affiliated with the Ministry of Health (link).

Education in vocational and technical fields
To study in vocational and technical fields, you can apply through admission to technical and vocational universities. To select these courses from the list of universities, choose a technical and vocational university. The duration of an associate degree program at this university is two years, and a bachelor's degree program is either non-continuous, two years after the associate degree, or continuous, four years.