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Admission & Visa Guide

Admission with scholarship
If the applicants meet the academic qualifications, they can apply for scholarships simultaneously when submitting their admission request. If the requirements are met, applicants will be rewarded with scholarships (funding include tuition-free education and living allowance).

Admission through the national university entrance exam (Konkour)
Non-Iranian students with Iranian citizenship can participate in the national university entrance exam for admission to Iranian universities. The tuition of such students is lower than other tuition-paying students.

Admission by paying the tuition fee
All non-Iranian applicants can use this website, refer to university websites, or use student recruitment agencies' services for admission to universities permitted to accept international students.

The time of admission
The universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran accept students in September and January. It is recommended to apply at least four months before the mentioned dates. The admission capacity of the September semester is higher than the January semester.

How to apply for a visa
After university admission, you can apply for a visa through the Visa application website.

Family reunification visa
The students can apply for a family reunification visa after the education visa is issued.
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